Books & Publications


A Perfect Mess (Biscuit Publishing, 2005)

Bernadette Cremin was the outright winner of the 2005 Biscuit Publishing poetry competition. Perfect Mess was the publication that came out of it.


Speechless (Waterloo Press, 2007)

‘Cremin has built a magic bridge between performance and the page; she has proven palpably and infectiously, how there needn’t be such a divide in the first place. Speechless is quite aptly titled, for that’s exactly how it leaves one: it proves that Cremin’s poetry is as tangible and affecting on the page as it is when uttered from her lips like subtle spells.’ – Alan Morrison

‘… a poet at once glamorous and sordid. She writes of call girls and ham actors, moody photos and bedsit divas. Bernadette in lines both precise and honest croons of violence and loss. Hers is the smoky voice of an underclass, forever tough feminine and vulnerable. If Tom Waits had a beautiful stepsister she would sound like Bernadette Cremin.’ – John O’Donoghue


Miming Silence (Waterloo Press, 2009)


Loose Ends (Pighog Press, 2012)

‘If they gave awards for books with misleading titles, Bernadette Cremin’s Loose Ends would be up there with the winners. Loose ends are meant to be what you get when things are unfinished, or conclusions are left undecided. These twenty four poems all have endings of one sort or another, but they’re anything but ‘loose’. Her endings are like the barbed hook at the end of a fishing line – you run your hands along the monofilament, everything’s smooth and running freely then suddenly – Wham ! – there’s a sharp pain, blood on your hand, and you’re caught and can’t get away.’ – Strat Mastoris (Full review: click here »)

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